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wales online

Women leading the charge for sexual wellness on International Women's Day

daily star

'It's great to bring women pleasure' - There are a lot of powerful women behind it. As International Women's Day takes place on March 8, it is a good time to celebrate them

Outspoken Beauty Podcast

Sex Clubs - Could They Save Your Relationship? (An Outspoken Women Special)


Emma Sayle & Hadleigh Bolt, Co-Founders of WAX


'I was a sex party virgin – this is what my first time was like’

tnt magazine

Romantic Gifts & Date Night Inspiration

daily mail

Non-monogamous, fluid relationships are becoming ever more common, as couples enjoy 'sexperimentation' without the stigma

reader’s digest

Thoughtful Valentine's Day gift ideas 2024 - The Pleasure Experience set from SheSpot


I boarded with Kate Middleton and now run high-end sex parties - parents didn't want to like me but I've taken school mums to events and they love it

the times

A new generation of adventurous middle-aged women are exploring kink and fantasies without shame

the guardian

Businesswoman behind sex-positive club says appetite for sexual adventure is growing in UK

men’s health

Best Sex Toy Advent Calendars to Shop Now


XXX-MAS CALENDAR Turn up the temperature with the best kinky advent calendars this winter

hello! magazine

8 sexual wellness advent calendars for a very happy holiday

The sun

NAUGHTY LIST 12 best sex toy advent calendars 2023 UK

The Times

Killing Kittens sex parties - interview with Emma Sayle


The beginner's guide to sex parties

financial times

Sex party planner Killing Kittens predicts profitable exit for UK government

Best sex toy advent calendars to shop

14 best sex Advent calendars to shop now - SheSpot X Killing Kittens: Come Closer Calendar

Women’s Health

SheSpot X Killing Kittens: Come Closer Calendar

WeAreX is the New Dating App for Experimental, Open-Minded Folks


8 Apps That Could Improve Your Sex Life


Down with monogamy, up with orgies! Why the sex party industry is thriving


What REALLY happens at a sex party. Dirty Mother Pukka with Anna Whitehouse

10 Best Dating Safety Apps of 2023

Second Chance Podcast

Killing Kittens, empowering women in the boardroom & bedroom - Emma Sayle

the Misbehave podcast

From Sex Parties To A Disruptive Tech Business Worth Over £20M

SafeDate Provides Insightful Tips on How Singles Can Practice Safe Online Dating


I Just Started Going to Sex Parties — Here's What It's Like Inside


Top Sexual Health & Wellness Trends To Get Excited About In 2023 - The Rise of Sex Workshops and Events


Why women are leaving their boyfriends at home to attend female-only sex parties

The spectator

Women With Balls - The Emma Sayle Edition

GB News

Emma Sayle on GB News - Sex Party Stake, Government invests in a 'sexually liberated social network'


The Summer Of Sin - Killing Kittens has an app ‘for sex-positive people’

the spectator – podcast

Emma Sayle, CEO of Killing Kittens and James Innes-Smith, talk about the rise of sex parties and why they’ve become an open secret

the spectator

The Treasury now has a stake in the sex party company Killing Kittens

the telegraph

Interview: Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens – in which taxpayers now have a stake

evening standard

Hot girl summer? How quaint — it’s a polyamorous girl summer now

The times

‘Rishi Sunak can come to our sex parties’: behind the mask of Killing Kittens

ITV – This Morning

Killing Kittens: The Sex Party Firm Now Part-owned By You!

cnn business

The UK government has taken a stake in a sex party startup

BBC News

UK Treasury takes stake in sex party business. Future Fund has spent around £1.14bn supporting over 1000 companies

daily mail

British taxpayer takes a stake in Killing Kittens - which boasts of organising 'hedonistic adult playgrounds' - thanks to Rishi Sunak's Covid support scheme

Financial times

UK Treasury takes a stake in sex party planner Killing Kittens

The Times

Taxpayer takes stake in sex-party firm run by Kate’s schoolfriend

The telegraph

Treasury makes 77pc return on stake in 'adult parties' firm

City a.m.

Taxpayer becomes shareholder in adult-only sex party firm Killing Kittens

Spreaker – Human Business with Sam White

Emma has taken her events into the tech World and created a business helping empower women

Business Leader Podcast

Emma Sayle: Sex parties, funding and building a business bigger than its stigma

Branded Content Marketing Association

Influence Global Podcast: Empowering Women From The Bedroom To The Boardroom With Emma Sayle

Life’s A Beach

Emma Sayle is the founder of Killing Kittens and is has made a living from liberating women and couples and breaking stigmas towards sex


No-strings sex apps for women who want casual sex

Business Champion Awards 2022

Killing Kittens wins The Business Champion Award 2022 Growth Business of the Year

Business Matters

Business Champion 2022 Awards - Killing Kittens wins Business Growth Award 2022

Secret Leaders

Killing Kittens - the world famous sex party turning into a tech business, with Founder & CEO Emma Sayle

Time Out

The not-so-secret new wave of London’s sex-positive parties

New York Post

Sexy daredevils get down at upscale orgy in NYC’s Meatpacking District

Women in Tech Interview

Emma Sayle on empowering women, the confidence gap and Dolly Parton

Channel 4

Factual entertainment show by Spungold productions ' My first Threesome'

The Water Cooler by NearU

Gender diversity, box-ticking & being a "femtrepeneur"

Marie Claire

My First Threesome: “I explored sexually after lockdown – I was shocked by how it made me feel.”

The Sun

MY First Threesome at an 'amazing' sex party

Daily Mail

Her first threesome at sex party made her feel liberated

My London News

No solo men and no shame: CEO who created sell-out sex parties which put women first


Inside the sold-out sex parties that are 'empowering women'

The Business Anecdote

Advocating for safe online dating


World's Most Exclusive' Sex Parties Are Completely Sold Out Until October

Women’s Health

I Took Part in a Zoom Sex Party, Here's What Happened

Killing Kittens™ Runs Sex-Positive Events to Empower Women in the Dating Scene

daily beast

Sex Parties Are Back. Vaccines Are Optional.


For lots of us, lockdown has been a time of sexual self-discovery

Maddyness Podcast

VOICE by Maddyness: Meet Emma Sayle, founder of London-based sex events business Killing Kittens.


Maddyness speaks with Emma, founder of Killing Kittens. The business hosts female-orientated sex parties globally and has an online community of over 100k members.

Femtech Insider

The Ins and Outs of Funding Sextech Startups

Sex, Lies and DM Slides

Podcast Episode 24. Killing Kittens


How Sex Parties Have Gone Online During Lockdown


Kinky zoom orgies, lingering exes and wank addictions: inside Britain’s sexual recession

She Has No Limits

Podcast with Emma Sayle, a kick-ass entrepreneur who oozes hard work and determination

Dazed Beauty

How to survive Valentine's Day in lockdown as a sex-starved singleton


Can online sex fill the connection void?


Sex parties have gone online during lockdown


Zoom Sex In The Age Of Anxiety

The Sun

Lockdown is revolutionising how we have sex.

Mamamia, Australia

Couple joined a virtual sex party

IAI Player

What role does promiscuity play in the fight for equality

IAI News

Liberating female sexuality

Daily Mail

Killing Kittens app launched last month helps businesses grow despite the pandemic

Frank Interview

Emma, CEO and Founder of the worlds famous adult parties celebrates 15 years in business

The Sun

Killing Kittens, the most famous sex parties in the world, celebrate their 15th anniversary


Virtual sex parties - Israel

Daily Star

Killing Kittens has launched the "world's first social network for sex"

The Telegraph

How we did it: Meet the female founders who have pivoted their businesses to survive Covid


Killing Kittens offers its members virtual erotic dance performances

The Guardian

Locked down and turned on? There’s an online sex party for that

New York Post

Virtual sex parties offer escape from isolation during lockdown

The Sun

STAY AND PLAY - The virtual sex parties offering you an escape from isolation during lockdown, from Killing Kittens

Evening Standard

The Londoner: Lockdown didn’t slow us down, says sex club founder

Jackie Big Tits Podcast

When God kills a Kitten You... (feat Emma Sayle, CEO of Killing Kittens)

Oversubscribed Podcast

Sealed section: let's talk about sex!

Is there any point trying to find love in lockdown?

Emma Sayle, founder and chief executive of social network Killing Kittens, says YES.


A New Community For Women in Business

Secure The Insecure

Emma Sayle tells the story about her impact on the sex industry in the past fifteen years and how we need to change the school curriculum when it comes to the PSHE.

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Women Empowering Women with Emma Sayle

The Gloss

Get A Zoom: Has Sex Gone Online?

The Modern Women

Emma Sayle // CEO + Founder of Killing Kittens on Castbox

Lets Talk Sex Parties | Couples Quarantine

Ep 3: Emma Sayle episode of Couples Quarantine with James Haskell and Chloe Madeley

daily mail

Killing Kittens launches the worlds first adult social network

Number 1 Rugby Podcast The Rig Biz

Episode 9 - Haskell vs Benders Best-Man Shootout - Sex Tips With Killing Kittens

9Honey is Australia’s leading women’s network

Feminist SexTech company receives $620,000 in government funding amid pandemic


الحكومة البريطانية تستثمر بشركة ناشئة تنظم الحفلات الجنسية.. وهذه قيمة المبلغ


The future of sex clubs and parties – what to expect and when they will reopen

Evening Standard

Sex party club boss hits back after Labour MP calls for £170,000 state loan to be axed

Marie Claire

Governo britânico investe mais de R$1 mi em startup que organiza festas sexuais

New York Post

UK government invests in sex-party startup amid coronavirus pandemic

Boing Boing

UK government invests in sex party startup


L'une des amies de Kate Middleton a lancé une étonnante entreprise, de soirées olé-olé réservées aux femmes. Le gouvernement britannique, séduit, devrait lui verser 17.000 livres

The Guardian

Sex party club founder defends £170,000 government Covid-19 loan


Killing Kittens, a company which specialises in women focused sex parties that is owned by a friend of the Duchess of Cambridge is set to receive £170,000 from the UK government


疫情補助不分產業? 英政府投資性愛新創公司647萬惹爭議


The British government is investing in a sex party startup


Interview with Hadleigh Bolt, COO of Female Empowerment Company The KK Group on Disrupting The Advertising Industry

TechRound: Startup News and Tech News London UK

An interview with Emma Sayle, CEO of female empowerment company The KK Group

Connection Privée

Emma Sayle joins Connection Privée host Clemence de Crecy for a candid and insight conversation about networking as ambitious women in a male dominated world.


Sex-Entrepreneurship with Emma Sayle

My Wardrobe Malfunction Podcast with Susannah Constantine

Emma and Susannah discuss sex, education, empowerment - and what to wear to an orgy...

Hardcore Listing Podcast

Top 5 Badass women with Emma Sayle of Killing Kittens

Crowdfund Insider

Female Empowerment Brand Killing Kittens Returns to Seedrs

Mamamia – News, podcasts and video for women

"Seeing people at home was a turn on." Exactly what went down when I attended a Zoom orgy.


My husband and I went to our first ever virtual sex party in lockdown. Here’s what happened…

The Sun

Couples can spice up their lockdown sex lives with fantasy jars and BDSM workshops


Virtual sex parties - "I just attended my first sex party... on Zoom"

Cosmopolitan UK’s sex and relationship podcast

All The Way With... Zoom sex parties

9Honey – Australia’s leading women’s network

Killing Kittens have created the first ever virtual sex parties

The Times

No sex parties please, we’re self-isolating

IOL Lifestyle

London sex club hosts first-ever digital orgy


This Sex Club Is Hosting a Masked Orgy on Zoom


A sex club is hosting a Zoom orgy with 100 masked attendees, burlesque dancers, and fire performers during the coronavirus lockdown

New York Post

Sex club hosts digital orgy on Zoom with 100 horny masked members

Killing Kittens – The Naked Truth

This podcast discusses everything from sex and relationships to body image and kinks

Daily mail

Behind sex club Killing Kittens

Design My Night

International Women's Day 2020 - Killing Kittens, Events on owning female pleasure

Daily Beast

I Love These Women-Only Sex Orgies. But Where Are the Lesbians?

The Drum

From sex parties to SSPs: inside Killing Kittens' media platform

Women On Top: The Podcast

Emma Sayle on Raising Money, Female Sexuality and Networking

Daily Mail

Love Island joins Killing Kittens dating panel in Manchester

Gentleman’s Journal

Sex sells

National Fetish Day

These are the top 10 sexual fetishes in the UK

Killing Kittens Box vs Bass

7 Fun Workouts to Kick Start Your 2020 Fitness Goals

The Tab

The most popular secret sex fetishes, according to Killing Kittens

Smash The Box

Episode 046 - The Female Sexual Revolution with Emma Sayle

The Telegraph

Meet Emma Sayle - the Killing Kittens sex party founder who's setting her sights on sisterhood

Rocket Fuel

A series of conversations at the intersection of Commerce, Culture and Creativity with a focus on youth and marketing.

Inside monthly sex mansion parties

with 'playrooms' and a no single men policy


These sex positions give you the best cardio workout

Killing Kitten’s Emma Sayle

explains what happens at Ireland’s exclusive sex parties

The Irish Sun

Revellers flock to exclusive ‘leather and lace’ theme secret sex party at Irish country manor house

Emma Sayle, Founder of​ Killing Kittens

The Changing Landscape of Sex & Sexuality


Women Are Changing The UK Sex Club Scene, One Party At A Time

Huffpost opinion

The 'Porn Block' Won't Change How Young People View Sex. Only Education Will.

The Sun

KICK-ASS KITTENS - Self-defence class run by a firm that hosts sex parties


by Emma Sayle, Founder and CEO Killing Kittens, Safedate and Sistr

August – it’s a chance to reset and recharge

Killing Kittens self defence workshop



Overcoming bias in the tech industry

by Emma Sayle, Founder and CEO Killing Kittens, Safedate and Sistr

2FM Irish Radio

Interview with Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens

SxTech in Berlin

Experts from the industry gathered for one day to discuss how technology and the Internet will revolutionise our sex life

Fundraising Stories with Women Entrepreneurs

Getting Naked with a Crowdfund - Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens

Talk Radio Europe with Emma Sayle – SISTR

Sistr is a platform that enables professional businesswomen to network, offer advice and mentor each other

Enter The Arena

Fundraising Stories with Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens

Badass women’s show

Women in business talking Killing Kittens, Sisterhood and Sistr

Supporting Women in Technology

Launching a new platform

Meet Emma Sayle


Inspirational Woman

Emma Sayle | Founder of Killing Kittens & Sistr

HUSH Magazine


Sistr launch

A dedicated platform for women to connect, share and learn

Where the UK’s porn ban falls short

Legislation isn’t the answer, improved education surrounding pornography is


Sistr has been created to enable women to impart wisdom, connect, share and learn from other women

Killing Kittens crowdfunding

From sex parties to peanut butter, crowdfunding is so flexible that banks should be concerned

Emma Sayle Chats With Matt Haycox – Killing Kittens

Emma is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’


Emma Sayle

The Sun

BORED BRITS are turning to sex parties to escape Brexit

BBC Presenter Chemmy Alcott

Motherhood - Mayhem & Madness with Emma Sayle

Fans sex party brand Killing Kittens reveal they’ve stripped new campaign

Women who are proud members of KK say there's nothing more thrilling than seducing a masked stranger

The Inspiration Space Podcast -By Haydn Elliott

#61 - Much More Than a Sex Party - Emma Sayle - CEO of Killing Kittens, Wife, Mother and Feminist

The Gary Gunn Show

#93 - Killing Kittens With Emma Sayle

What it’s like to be in an exclusive female-centred sex party club

These three women regularly attend sex parties - for very different reasons.

What It’s Like to Go to a Sex Party as a Couple

At our first party, we did have sex with others watching

The Sun

SPIN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - The gym class where singles can bag a date while getting sweaty in their lycra

The Telegraph

Welcome to Refresh - Female sexual liberation is only available in the free market

Female founders are dominating the sextech sector despite facing serious funding issues

Female founders are breaking the sex taboo

The Sun

School of Seduction

Emma Sayle, View the Talk

She’s the infamous entrepreneur behind Killing Kittens, a secretive network of sex parties...

Sex with Dr. Jess

Are you curious about sex parties? What can you expect from a woman-focused sex party experience?

KK has launched an app designed to keep people safe on dates

Why the creator of the UK’s most notorious sex party has made a dating safety app

To keep women safe…

Emma Sayle has created an app that alerts friends if they don't check in at an agreed time – but there are limits to what tech can do

A £5 million company with a female CEO

hosts underground, masked sex parties raised nearly £600,000 to launch an app

Startup Microdose Podcast

Emma Sayle - The Changing Landscape of Sex & Sexuality

Badass Women’s Show TalkRadio

Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens talk about SafeDate at Badass Women's Show TalkRadio

Growth Business

Entrepreneur profile: Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens


Divorced and in my 40s, I found empowerment at sex parties

Business Advice

Killing Kittens founder plans to expand her safe space sex business by crowdfunding

Business Matters

Killing Kittens one of world’s biggest sex parties aimed at women opens equity funding raise

Business Matters

Getting To Know You: Emma Sayle, Founder & CEO Killing Kittens

Love Sport Radio w/ Dr Pam Spurr

Love Sport Radio with Dr Pam Spurr and Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens

LBC Radio

LBC interview with Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens


A mother-of-two shares her journey of sexual freedom after leaving her husband

Emma live @ BBC1

Queen Kitten Emma had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Katie Thistleton & Dr Radha onto Radio 1 Life Hacks

KK Amsterdam

Killing Kittens Worlds best kept secret is coming to Amsterdam the 30th of March 2018

Badass Women’s Hour

Be inspired - with Emma Sayle founder of Killing Kittens. Badass Women's Hour on TalkRadio

Talkradio Dr Pam Spurr Show

Talkradio Dr Pam Spurr talks with Emma Sayle about Killing Kittens


Emma sits on the panel to discuss sextech with sexperts, scientists and comedians!


Emma sits down with Holly and Phil to discuss all things Kittens

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