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Killing Kittens crowdfunding

From sex parties to peanut butter, crowdfunding is so flexible that banks should be concerned

Emma Sayle Chats With Matt Haycox – Killing Kittens

Emma is one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’


Emma Sayle

Elite Business April 2019

The In Crowd

BORED BRITS are turning to sex parties to escape Brexit

Saucy events company Killing Kittens revealed a 13 per cent rise in memberships month-on-month since October

BBC Presenter Chemmy Alcott

Motherhood - Mayhem & Madness with Emma Sayle

Fans sex party brand Killing Kittens reveal they’ve stripped new campaign

Women who are proud members of KK say there's nothing more thrilling than seducing a masked stranger

The Inspiration Space Podcast -By Haydn Elliott

#61 - Much More Than a Sex Party - Emma Sayle - CEO of Killing Kittens, Wife, Mother and Feminist

The Gary Gunn Show

#93 - Killing Kittens With Emma Sayle

What it’s like to be in an exclusive female-centred sex party club

These three women regularly attend sex parties - for very different reasons.

What It’s Like to Go to a Sex Party as a Couple

At our first party, we did have sex with others watching


The gym class where singles can bag a date while getting sweaty in their lycra

Female founders at Number 11 Dowing Street

There are nowhere near enough female-founded businesses - we need to teach school girls that it is good to be 'bossy' share

Welcome to Refresh

Female sexual liberation is only available in the free market

Couples’ Sex Retreat

For £2,000, this 3-day break promises to reboot your relationship with group therapy and 'yoni' massage

Female founders are dominating the sextech sector despite facing serious funding issues

Female founders are breaking the sex taboo

School of Seduction

Killing Kittens sex club launches £90 burlesque classes to teach women art of seduction

Emma Sayle, View the Talk

She’s the infamous entrepreneur behind Killing Kittens, a secretive network of sex parties...

Sex with Dr. Jess

Are you curious about sex parties? What can you expect from a woman-focused sex party experience?

KK has launched an app designed to keep people safe on dates

Why the creator of the UK’s most notorious sex party has made a dating safety app

To keep women safe…

Emma Sayle has created an app that alerts friends if they don't check in at an agreed time – but there are limits to what tech can do

A £5 million company with a female CEO

hosts underground, masked sex parties raised nearly £600,000 to launch an app

Startup Microdose Podcast

Emma Sayle - The Changing Landscape of Sex & Sexuality

Badass Women’s Show TalkRadio

Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens talk about SafeDate at Badass Women's Show TalkRadio

Growth Business

Entrepreneur profile: Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens


Divorced and in my 40s, I found empowerment at sex parties

Business Advice

Killing Kittens founder plans to expand her safe space sex business by crowdfunding

Business Matters

Killing Kittens one of world’s biggest sex parties aimed at women opens equity funding raise

Business Matters

Getting To Know You: Emma Sayle, Founder & CEO Killing Kittens

Love Sport Radio w/ Dr Pam Spurr

Love Sport Radio with Dr Pam Spurr and Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens

LBC Radio

LBC interview with Emma Sayle from Killing Kittens


A mother-of-two shares her journey of sexual freedom after leaving her husband

Emma live @ BBC1

Queen Kitten Emma had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Katie Thistleton & Dr Radha onto Radio 1 Life Hacks

KK Amsterdam

Killing Kittens Worlds best kept secret is coming to Amsterdam the 30th of March 2018

Badass Women’s Hour

Be inspired - with Emma Sayle founder of Killing Kittens. Badass Women's Hour on TalkRadio

Talkradio Dr Pam Spurr Show

Talkradio Dr Pam Spurr talks with Emma Sayle about Killing Kittens

The Insider, USA

An interview with Emma covering KK and her relationship with Kate Middleton


Emma sits on the panel to discuss sextech with sexperts, scientists and comedians!


Emma sits down with Holly and Phil to discuss all things Kittens

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