Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower women, all over the world, in every aspect of their lives.

Our Values

Women first

We love all genders, but until our world is truly equal for all, we’ll continue to create safe spaces where women can be in control.

Be kind and respectful

We foster an environment where everybody treats each other with the same respect and kindness they would expect themselves.

Body positive

We encourage a community where people of all colours, shapes and sizes are not only welcomed, but revered.

Sexually liberal

We stand for dismantling archaic stereotypes and encourage people to be sexually liberated without shame or judgment.

Meet the kittens

Emma Sayle

CEO and founder

“Being at the forefront of women reclaiming their power means I wake up every day with purpose”

Hadleigh Bolt


“I enjoy the daily challenge of working with a company that is genuinely making strides towards changing the world.”

Karolina Klebanska

Operations Director

“I love showing up at work every day and seeing women who are in control and who are being effective in the world.”

Cleo Mason

Events Director

“I love seeing our members transform from shy wallflowers into fierce, strong women.”

Kamila Rybakiewicz

Events Manager

“I love KK for creating a safe space for anyone to be and feel empowered in their lives.”

Natasha Bolt

Community Manager

“KK is a unique community where women raise each other up without judgement. True empowerment.”

Craig Curchin

Software Engineer

“Combining both tech and trying to change the world is a massive reason why I love my job.”

Sam Parton

Software Engineer

“I love being part of the movement, providing the best tech possible to make everyone happy.”


Changing the world isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication from not just our core team, but all of the kommunity kittens, contractors, freelancers and everyone else who has helped us on our journey. So this is a big thank you to the whole KK family, all over the world who help make it all possible.


We work with global brands that share our vision to empower people all over the world and make real change.