SafeDate is the innovative new mobile app that automatically makes sure your friends have got your back. Securely and privately. Just in case. Download it now on the app store. It’s free and always will be.


Stay Safe And Get Peace Of Mind When Dating

Dating is fun! But it’s important to stay safe so you can enjoy yourself when meeting new people. SafeDate is the ultimate app that offers peace of mind when dating. Go on dates knowing that your Safe Mates have got your back. It works like this:

• Add your date plans into the app
• Privately choose Safe Mates from your contacts
• Set a Safe Time to check-in after your date finishes
• Simply check-in once your date finishes before your Safe Time
• When you check-in, your Safe Mates don’t get notified
• If you don’t, your Safe Mates are sent the details of your date

Available to download now on iOS and Android.

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What they said

“We believe dating should be fun and safe. SafeDate has been created to offer peace of mind to you and the people close to you, so we’re on a mission to keep people connected in a safe, yet private way”

Emma Sayle, Founder