Sistr is a platform that re-imagines the world of networking and mentoring by giving women access to a community of inspiring and supportive peers and friends. No matter what a woman’s industry, profession, age, social status or education, they are a sistr. And they are stronger when they are connected.


sistrs helping sistrs

Sistr was launched by women on a mission to build a planet full of connection, collaboration and professional growth. The brand gives women a platform to help each other through the months ahead by sharing skills, expertise and networks.
The UN has warned that Covid-19 could wipe out gains in equality for women at work and the IMF says it could set the economy back by as much as 30 years. Sistr aims to stop this.

The fantastic resource has tips and workshops on topics including job hunting, nailing interviews, pivoting, launching that lockdown idea, staying sane, finding your voice — and doing it all with the confidence in knowing that sistr has your back.

The ‘here to help’ mentoring initiative makes it easy for sistrs to connect with sistrs who are looking for support. It costs nothing and means everything.

Spreading the word

“I am so excited about @emsayle’s new app, sistr. It’s about time more social communities were created for #FemaleEntrepreneurs to network and share their business experiences with each other!”

Jacqueline Gold CBE, CEO of Ann Summers